our process

STAGE ONE: We take your measurements

On the day of your booking with the team at Elite Bespoke Fashions, we will ask you to wear a pair of casual
trousers preferably not jeans, this is so that we can measure for suit trousers correctly (some clients bring a pair
of tailor made suits trousers with them so they can change). We will take detailed measurements of your body from neck to
your feet and double, triple check them.
This will give us the details we need to make for you the perfect fitting shirt to the perfect fitting shoes. So
whether you are short, tall, large or small we can make the perfect adjustments to all those little details that
make you unique


This is the fun part, were with the help of our fully trained team you get to go through styles that fit your body
type and much more. You get to design your suit, shirt, jeans, shoes so they fit your style. Our team will help you
choose your collar, cuffs, lapels, buttons, thread, so you can create your unique style. We can even design your
own monogram of your name to go inside on the lining.
Our team at Elite Bespoke Fashions can help you create your dream tailor made suit or even your dream capsule wardrobe
of clothing and shoes.


STAGE THREE: Time to choose materials

If you thought designing was fun, you will love choosing the materials. Our fully trained team will help you choose
materials that will work with your design. You will choose everything from buttons, zips, thread, lining and much
more. Our team at Elite Bespoke Fashions can help you to choose fabrics that will work together so that the end
result looks fabulous.

STAGE FOUR: We get to work cutting out your fabric

Using the latest computerised cutting equipment, the cloth you chose is cut to 100% accuracy. This is a vast
improvement to the traditional hand cutting methods. At Elite Bespoke Fashions we believe in giving our customers
the benefit of modern technology in both the cutting and manufacture without any compromises in quality.

STAGE FIVE: Your garment is perfectly tailored

This is the stage that our tailors take over and the pinning and stitching begins. At Elite Bespoke fashions we have
one of the worlds top tailoring houses and our team with its years of experience will create your garment with love
and pride.

STAGE SIX: Your tailor made suits delivered to you

The bit we all love, your garment arrives to you and you get to try it on. If needed we can make any adjustments
as we all know people can change minds such as wanting a slightly tighter fit or a shorter length. This doesn’t
happen often but to us we want you to feel good in your clothing.
We do love to see pictures of our clients in their new clothes and to see their happy faces, knowing that we have
done our jobs and provide you with a beautifully tailored garment that will not only make you feel good but will go
on looking good time after time.

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