With Spreadshirt, you can design custom clothing using your own personal photos and designs. Embrace your creative side and personalize custom clothing such as T-shirts, jackets, jeans, wallets and ties. Choose your dream desire products, and get inspired by thousands of community designs from our professional. Whether you want to design custom gifts of clothes for him or for her, you can create anything that comes to mind.


custom clothing elite bespoke fashions

Commonly found at weddings, engagements and other formal black-tie (or white-tie) events, men’s tuxedos are the pinnacle of formality and sophistication. It is always a good idea to have at least one tuxedo in your wardrobe, and Elite Bespoke Fashions, is one of the most important menswear designers and bespoke tailors in the UK, always recommends that you consider having a 100% custom tuxedo, made specifically for you, so you stand out from all the rest on your special day. Here is a look at the many components of a high-quality tuxedo–a “Tuxedos 101” for formalwear for your milestone events:

There are two types of acceptable tuxedo jackets: the single-breasted and the double-breasted. The single-breasted will have a single button, and the double-breasted will have four buttons. We can 
customize each through the lapels, facing, vents and buttons.

custom clothing elite bespoke fashions


We will make Formal trousers in the same material and color as the tuxedo jacket. High-waisted and worn with suspenders used in it. Tuxedo trousers should not have belt loops.


A waist covering is often used with a tuxedo. It can be either a waistcoat, which is a formal type of vest, or a cummerbund, which is a sash around the waist. Same material is used to design a waistcoat and a jacket, Our team can make a cummerbund with same silk of lapel facings. Typically people use black waist coverings. Sometimes people use dark red and green colors according to the event.


A true men’s tuxedo always uses a plain white evening shirt. Some weddings feature the groom and groomsmen in colored dress shirts, but this is a variation on standard formalwear.

custom clothing elite bespoke fashions


There are two types of tuxedo limited shoes: the formal pump and the formal lace-up Oxford. Both have acceptable customizations, such as a pinched bow or a flat bow for the formal pump.


Same silk is used to make lapel facings and Bow ties. and they should never be pre-tied. There are several ways to tie a bow tie—butterfly, semi-butterfly, straight-end, and pointed. These are easy to teach and learn.

custom clothing elite bespoke fashions


Modern weddings and other formal events have found formalwear variations such as long ties (using the same or similar silk material as those found in the lapel facings, but an alternative to the bow tie), tuxedos without waist coverings, and formalwear made in different colors for different seasons and types of settings. Much attention is need to carrying through the look of the jacket and trousers, of the shirt, of the lapels and buttons, and other details, to ensure that even the most modern of looks still reflect the formal elegance of special milestone events.

custom clothing elite bespoke fashions
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