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How to Bespeak a Suit from a Tailor in Stoke on Trent

Bespoke Clothing for Men in Stoke

 If you are looking for a perfectly fitting suit, made just for you and which speaks your personality and style while setting you apart from the crowd then maybe it’s time to consider bespeaking a suit. The good thing about having a suit made to order is that you can select everything about the garment yourself, from fabric and colour to cut and fit. A bespoke tailor will take measurements, draft the pattern, and hand-stitch your suit with that measurement. In this blog, we explain why bespoke clothing for men is worth it, how to find a good tailor in Stoke on Trent and what to expect from the process.


Why Bespeak a Suit from a Tailor in Stoke on Trent?

There are many benefits of bespeaking a suit from a tailor in Stoke on Trent, such as:

  •  You can obtain a suit that is exclusive and personalized just for you. No person can purchase the same piece as yours, and you can show your taste and flair by picking from different types of fabrics, colours, designs, patterns, cuts, styles plus accessories to match it up with.
  • You get a suit that really goes with your body type. A bespoke tailor measures you and then go about making the suit according to not just size but also one’s body shape, posture, and movement. You wouldn’t have any fitting problems and will feel comfortable in it without feeling confused between what could be right and wrong with an off-the-rack option
  • You have a quality, long-lasting suit. A bespoke tailor customizes using the best materials with the highest level of workmanship around, making your suit very well made and can last years when looked after properly. You also get the aftercare and guarantee from your tailor to repair or alter your suit if needed.
  • You get a suit that is suitable for any occasion. Whether you need a suit for work, a wedding, or a special event, you can bespeak a suit that matches the dress code and the mood of the occasion. You can also choose different types of suits, such as dinner suits, morning suits, or lounge suits.

How to Find a Good Tailor in Stoke on Trent?

 If you have to bespeak a suit from tailor at Stoke on Trent, then it is highly important that you find reliable and reputable tailor who can give what you desire. Here are useful tips about how to find out a good tailor in Stoke on Trent:

Ask for recommendations. You can ask from friends, family members, colleague or anyone else you know who has bespoken suits before to give you advise. They will be able to tell you of the experience they had with a certain tailor and whether it was good or bad hence helping you in making decision along the way.

Do some research.

 You can finally search on the internet for tailors in Stoke on Trent too and check their website, reviews, ratings, portfolio and testimonials. Visit their shop or studio directly to see the real work of theirs.

You may also attempt to search for tailors that are affiliated or have accreditations with professional bespoke associations or organisations, such as the Savile Row Bespoke Association or the British Tailors Guild.

Compare prices and services.

 You can also compare prices and services with different tailors. You should get your work quoted and estimated from different tailors and see what all they include in their packages and whatnot.

Ask them about how long they will take to complete your work, delivery options available to you, payment methods, any guarantees or not, aftercare services.

What to Expect from the Process of Bespeaking a Suit from a Tailor in Stoke on Trent?

Once you have chosen a tailor in Stoke on Trent to bespeak your suit from, you can expect the following steps in the process:


 The first step is to consult your tailor, where you will discuss with them the needs, preferences, budget and timeline. The tailor will also show up samples of fabrics, colours, patterns, styles and accessories that you can use.

Otherwise, one might carry some inspiration or examples of suits that you like or would want to emulate.


Next is taking measurements by your tailor. Your tailor will measure out the different parts of body such as chest, waist, hips, shoulders, arms and legs etc with the measuring tape or digital machine. Your tailor will also note down the positioning and movement patterns.

Pattern making.

The third step is to get your pattern made at your tailor. With the provided measurements, and feedback on style, a paper or digital pattern for your suit will be created. Adjustments or modifications too are taken care of with respect to the pattern based on one’s response.


The fourth step is to have a fitting session with your tailor. Now, in a tailored suit, your tailor will make a prototype or mock-up of your suit using cheap or scrap fabric (called baste), and fit it on you. Your tailor will check the fit and appearance of the suit on you, and make any changes or corrections as needed.


 The fifth step is actually stitching your suit by your tailor. Your tailor will be using the final fabric and materials that you have chosen, and then he will stitch your suit either by hand or with a machine depending on what type of style and complexity of the suit it is going to be. Your tailor will also finish your suit with the details and finishing like buttons, pockets, linings etc.


The last process is that of getting your suit delivered to you by the tailor. Your tailor will either send your suit to you by mail or courier, or invite you for a pickup from their shop or studio. He will even give a few tips and advice how should you take care of your suit, and guarantee it with an offer of aftercare service.


In conclusion, ordering a bespoke clothing from a Stoke on Trent tailor is an ideal way of procuring a custom-made suit which is unique, made to order, high quality and fit for any function. You will need to go to a good tailor who can meet your expectations and then undergo consultation, measurement, pattern making, fitting, stitching, and delivery. Contact us today for an appointment or quote.

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